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KSCS Newsletter November 16th 2018
Introduction photo
Message from the Principal

Introducing a special student

This week I would like to single out one particular student out of many talented students that we have within the school.  Cheyanne is in year seven and I would like to share with you how much she keeps a wonderful outlook on life and really pushes herself to reach her goals.


Hello, my name is Cheyanne Ferreday and I’m only 11 years old.  I have been learning archery for two years now and I love it with a passion.  It started when I was sitting with my Dad watching the Olympic games. 

Since I was a baby I’ve been in and out of Great Ormond Street Hospital because I have a lot of problems with my wind pipe, lungs and voice box.  I am also fed through my stomach by a thing called a Mic-key button. These things have not stopped me doing most normal things!

Since November last year I have been working hard on my archery skills and have won 5 gold medals, 5 silver medals, 1 bronze and many badges.  One of these badges was the Rose Award badge that I won for a score of 984 and has got my name in the Archery UK magazine. 

My goals are to continue to work hard and to be a Paralympian for Team GB and to show the whole world I can do it. However, my biggest goal is to get my level 1 and 2 coaching badges so I can help people similar to myself unlock their potential.


The importance of PPEs

Pre Public Examinations are now underway for Year 11 students.  We stopped naming these examinations ‘mocks’ or ‘internals’ as we want every student to understand they serve as a benchmark on what they have secured and what they have not yet mastered. 

To prepare effectively for these PPEs a growth mind-set philosophy is vital.  A true reflection of your child’s ability provides a fantastic snapshot of what they can do and what they genuinely need.  This will enable us to provide support for them in what they should master in the 90 school days left until the public examinations start in May.  Effective revision techniques have been shared with students in assemblies this week.  I have attached the timetable for the forthcoming Year 11 PPE’s for your interest.

Best wishes


Bryan Erwin

Year 11 Revision Sessions

A reminder to students (and parents) that the year 11 revision sessions are happening every day after school. The timetable shows which subjects are on what days and what rooms the sessions will be running in. We would like to encourage all year 11 students to attend these sessions in order to boost their progress. There are only 22 teaching weeks until the first exam so try to make every day count!

To access the timetable, please click here

Mr T Hussain
Assistant Principal

Y11 Science PPE Revision
To prepare well for your upcoming PPEs and future exams you will need to be revising regularly and effectively.

To help you I have been holding after school revision sessions every Wednesday. Your attendance is strongly recommended. We do not run revision sessions in school holidays as the whole course is covered in term time, so please plan your revision time carefully. Posters around Block 1 will inform you of the topics covered.

Alternatively, if you have specific questions, please email your question to Mr Mantell or Miss Farrell in advance (if possible) and attend the Monday after school catch-up session.

I have attached a very good resource from Edexcel to help you with your revision. Please take the time to download it and read the relevant sections. Remember to save it too for revision later on.

If you work effectively and do your best you won't need good luck!

Attachment here

Mrs Young
Science KS4 Coordinator

The Worry Box and Board Help
This week we have introduced our Worry Box.

We took inspiration from a very successful, similar version at another school in Peterborough. Students can write a question or what’s on their mind and post it in the worry box. No names are needed so it’s all anonymous. Once each week, our wellbeing staff members will empty the box and get together with members of the team to write responses. Those responses will be displayed in the clouds on our Board. We hope many will benefit from reading those responses. When I was growing up, I remember reading the ‘Agony Aunt’ page in my teen magazines. Nowadays I think they are named something different but I do remember finding it helpful to read the response to something I identified with.

Mrs L Gregg

Children in Need
October Student of the Month

Each month each Faculty and Departments around the school nominate one student for student of the month, this can be for a student who has particularly achieved well, been helpful, made fantastic progress, impeccable manners, shown a high effort level.

Excellence House

  • Excellence Head of House – Muhammed Atif 8EXC
  • Art  Award– Talia Perna Year 8EXC
  • Careers & Enterprise Award -  Alice Brett 12EXC
  • Business Studies Award – Hannah Smith 12EXC, Emily Costello 12EXC 
  • Languages Award – Kieren Tyler 9EXC
  • Performing Arts Award – Emily Knox 11EXC
  • Science Award - Richard Coric 10EXC
  • Leadership Team Award – George Courtier 7EXC
  • Leadership Team Award - Jack Tilson 

Aspire House

  • Leadership Team Award – Oliver Holman 8
  • Aspire  Head of House Award– Stuart Booth 8ASP
  • Maths Award– Aqeeb Akhtar 11ASP
  • History Award– Aimee Robbins 11ASP
  • Performing Arts Award – Netania Wogan 10ASP
  • IT Award– Marcus Peach 11ASP
  • English Award– Aimee Robbins 11ASP
  • School Reception Team Award– Ashley Stedman 10ASP


Integrity House

  • Integrity Head of House Award – Amy Noble 9INT
  • P16 Award– Jade Smith 12INT
  • Business Studies Award- Oliver Smith 12INT
  • Geography Award – Chloe Merritt 11INT
  • PE Award– Oliver Roddis 11INT
  • Social Science Award – Mollie Glasgow 12INT and Jade Smith 12INT

Success House

  • Success Head of House Award– Toby Hancock 8SUC
  • Science Award– Cathy Boor 10SUC 
  • Year 7 Head of Year Award – Harley Sutherland-Newbury 7SUC

Mrs J Purdy
Extended Leadership Team


Success continues to hold the attendance lead this week. It is the season for illness, 99 pupils was absent due to sickness  last week. Can I remind parents that we do need a medical note from the doctors on the 3rd day of illness.  47 pupils was absent due to medical appointments.  If possible could we request that these are outside of school hours unless absolutely necessary.  This is so that all pupils can make the most out of the lessons. Lets try to build this attendance as it has a direct impact on final GCSE results.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" Nelson Mandela"

Aspire: 94.84%; Excellence: 93.48%; Success: 93.94%; Integrity: 93.82%;

Mrs S Blackledge

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