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Ken Stimpson Community School - Newsletter 01/03/2019
KSCS Newsletter March 1st 2019
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Message from the Principal
I wish to share with you that there are inappropriate and dangerous videos circulating the internet. They are appearing on social media, You Tube etc. Some of the video may start very innocently, but this can quickly turn into something very violent and mislead students.

The latest is called Momo, a fictional character who encourages students to carry out dangerous tasks, but tells them that they must not tell their parents otherwise bad things may happen. This is very dangerous and students must report it to ensure that they keep themselves safe.

I have included a useful info-gram below to help you check with your child and discourage them from engaging with anything to do with this.  Click on the image to take you to an enlarged version of the info-gram.

Best wishes


Bryan Erwin

Maintaining appropriate high standards at KSCS requires regular attention. This starts with meeting the basic expectations in school. Unfortunately these low level distractions can and do drain resources and cause unnecessary distraction

At the start of this half term we have been having a uniform drive. I am pleased to report this has been an overriding success, mainly because I am pleased to report the vast majority of our students are presenting themselves appropriately in all aspects. Of course there does remain a minority where we have had to challenge and remind students of the expectations.

 The areas that we have picked up are some of the following:

 The areas that we have picked up are some of the following:

  1. Trainers are not allowed – shoes should be traditional formal style in leather or leather style.
  2. Skirts – tight fitted skirts, lycra, with slits or zips are not acceptable.
  3. Hoodies/tracksuit tops are not allowed – coats should be waterproof and dark in colour
  4. Earrings – one per ear and only a small metal stud is permitted.
  5. Make up – Lower school none and discrete for upper school.

I think it is really important to thank you for your continued support in helping us maintain standards. If any elements of your child's uniform is not yet at the appropriate standard, could I please request your support in rectifying the issue.

From next week we will confiscating (where appropriate) any items that fail to meet KSCS expectations. These will be the returned at the end of the school week  and may eventually require parents to come to collect the items from reception.

Mr D Whales
Vice Principal

Year 11 Core Subject Information Evening
A reminder to the parents/carers of Year 11 that we will be holding our Core Subject Information Evening on Wednesday 06 March in the Assembly Hall, from 5.30pm until approximately 7.00pm.

This is a key evening that will have speakers from each of the faculties of English, Maths and Science providing vital tips and revision guidance, in order to help our students have the very best chance of success in their GCSE exams. We very much look forward to seeing you on Wednesday.

Year 8 Cheese & Bread event
The MFL department invited students who had shown extra commitment to French to come along to a cheese tasting event at lunch time this week.
We were pleased to see students come and enjoy the cheese and music and hope they continue to try these cheeses at home!

Miss H Beckingham

Year 9 Visit to Cambridge University
This week a small group of Year 9 students had the opportunity to visit Trinity College at Cambridge University.

The students were taken on a guided punt tour through the Backs, offering an introduction to the university colleges in the city. The students were then privileged to get a tour of Trinity College and take their lunch in the spectacular dining hall.  The day was finished off with a workshop by students involved with the Cambridge Footlights, a world famous student comedy society. The day ended with a informative Q&A session finding out about life as a student.

Mrs R Patman
Careers and Wellbeing Mentor

Year 11 GCSE Dancers
A huge well done to Year 11 GCSE Dancers on completing their Duet/Trip performance exams held on Monday 25th February.

Mrs J Purdy

Year 11 Maths Newsletter
With only 9 weeks until the first set of exams, students should be well on their way to revising.

If they haven't yet started it is not too late to begin. Students should be revising SMART using their PLCs to specifically target their individual areas of weakness. This can be done using the multiple resources they have access to. 

Maths academic catch up continues to run on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday after school for all years. As well as all Maths staff taking revision sessions I am in 3u23 on each of these days primarily helping students with areas they are struggling with on the PiXL Maths app. 

One area that continues to frustrate me is the fact that students throw away silly marks due to either not having the right equipment or not knowing how to use it correctly. A cause of this issue for some is they do not bring the equipment to school with them every day to learn how to use it. If students do not have the correct equipment it can now be purchased using the school ParentPay system. Pencil cases with all essential equipment (pencil, ruler, rubber, sharpener, protractor and compass) are available for £3.00 and scientific calculators for £7.00 each.


Every week I continue to send out resources students can start using at home, called the final countdown. This may seem premature but there are only 44 teaching days to the first summer exam and revising gradually is much more effective than last minute cramming. Using the countdown alongside the PiXL Maths app and other revision resources will really make the difference to closing the gap on areas students still have issues with. Please find attached week 2 of the new for 2019 extra questions students can do at home with the support of parents, as mark schemes and examiners reports are also attached. These are now split into two types of questions, one designed for foundation students aiming for a 4 or 5 and the new one for higher tier students aiming for grades 6 to 9. Every week I will continue to attach five topics that regularly appear on examinations. Students can also use their individualised PLCs on the the PiXL Maths app to target areas of weakness, using the video tutorials and PowerPoints to help them better understand topics.

Revision guides are also available in school at cost price, saving you more than 50% on the rrp. There are 3 books at £2.50 each and an answer book for £1. Please see your class teacher, Miss Harvey, or Mr Donnelly if you have paid for them through Parent Pay. 

The final PPE exams will start on the 11th March which is only 5 teaching days away!

Mr L Donnelly
Shared Head of Mathematics

Year 11 Science News
Before the half term break I mentioned that I would be announcing new after school Science revision sessions to help prepare Year 11 for their exams.

Snack-sized Science

I will be delivering the GCSE content condensed down into a few bullet points per topic and relevant exam practice, so students can improve their knowledge and their exam technique.

Unfortunately the revision sessions on Wednesdays after school were not well attended, so the new time is 3:25 - 4:15 every Monday and Thursday, which I hope will mean that more students are available to attend. Details can be found on posters around the school, on our screens and are attached here (Scroll up to "Letters home" section)

Final-bite Science

I will be holding revision sessions after school the day before each exam. These are also advertised on posters around the school and information will be in the newsletter closer to the time. 

Attendance to revision sessions is important and I hope that parents of Y11 students will support us in encouraging their son or daughter to attend. More information about how to help your child in Science will be provided at the Y11 Core Subject Information Evening.

Revision Homework

Mr Mantell would like to remind you that there is homework set on Connect to be done by all Y11s and that you should see you own teacher to address any problems with logging on or completing the tasks. Other online resources such as Seneca Learning and BBC Bitesize are also easily accessible on phones and tablets.

Y11 PPEs

Please be reminded that your upcoming PPEs only contain questions from Y11 topics (papers 2, 4 and 6). Please treat these PPEs as you would the real summer exams. 

Thank you for your support and attendance.

Mrs K Young

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