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KSCS Newsletter November 30th 2018
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Message from the Principal

The bar, the quill and a wonderful ‘Maths Challenge’ event
This week started with a number of excellent events that supplemented the richness of what we do at the school. These particular events enhanced our students’ experience in the field of Social Sciences, Business and Enterprise.
1.    Over the weekend, a number of students took part in a Law debating society event organised by Miss Mayfield (Head of Social Sciences) and learnt so much about debating.  Miss Mayfield's account of this event can be read later in the newsletter.
2.    The Business Enterprise Team were proud of the experiences the students gained in this superb event and their outcomes. 

"Today we took a small group of 19 students to the Royal Sun Alliance office in Peterborough to engage in a Business/Maths Challenge lead by Enabling Enterprise. The students were split into 4 teams and, along with their RSA volunteer, went for a short tour of the offices and then engaged in a number of activities linked to creating their own product. At the end of the day, each group took it in turns to present their ideas to the rest of the team and received feedback from their pitches. Throughout the day, the students were building on essential skills such as listening, creativity and teamwork. A great effort was made by all who attended, well done!"

3.    We also had alumni students (former students) in to discuss with our Year 9 students their pathways, to help them appreciate what they went through and to support them through their next stage of education at our school. If you would like to read Katie Sixthsmith’s (a former student) feedback on the event please click on the link below :

I wish to thank all the staff for going the extra mile as it is so well received by the students.


Telos Essay Writing Competition Prize Winner – Zulaikha Iqbal

Mr Rankmore, our Young Enterprise Business Adviser, forwarded us an email with regard to writing an essay about what we think the key to a successful business is. As runners up at the National Finals of Young Enterprise, both our Business Adviser and Link Teacher, Mr. Abbott, thought it would be good to reflect on our personal experience.

Having enjoyed it so much I thought I should write a quick feedback report not knowing this was a competition with prizes available. Fast forward to 2 months later I received an email claiming I had won £500. Initially I thought it to be a spam email and almost deleted it but I caught a glimpse of it saying 'Young Enterprise' and opened it. I was pleased to know I had come second and won a prize I didn't even know I was going to receive! 

With the money I think I will invest in some form of shares with the help of my economics teachers.  I hope they don't charge for their services!

Zulaikha Iqbal Success House Captain 

Early Closure on Wednesday 19 December

We expect all students to attend school up to and including the final day of the term, Wednesday 19 December.  After the whole school assembly, the school will close at approximately 12.30pm.  There will be a food service at break 1 but not at break 2.  Students entitled to free school meals are advised to collect their food during break 1. 

I am mentioning this now to help families plan for this announcement.

Best wishes


Bryan Erwin

This weeks Letters Home
Birmingham NEC Skills Show
Imagine a labyrinth, a clustered maze the size of two football pitches, now imagine that instead of hedges you see stalls.

Vibrant each filled with people, people who are passionate and dedicated to what they love. This is the skill show; from material work to medical practices and a great range of I.T related jobs; every job you can possibly imagine.

But you must plan ahead, you have one hour to decide where you want to go and locate it on the map, this may sound like a lot, but you need at least 10 minutes to find the exit! (speaking from experience: if you decide to excavate alone to the exit it will be a challenge to find, luckily there are people with large signs saying: “are you lost?” and “here to help”); on the other hand, you may indeed locate interesting things like restaurants and VR activities.

All of us found someone who has expertise in our passion, getting the opportunity to ask questions about our future.

Richard Coric
Year 10 Student

Young Citizens – Smart Law - Bar Mock Trials- Nottingham – Saturday 24th November 2018
Year 13 students have worked hard since September, giving up their free time every week in order to take part in the initial heat of Young Citizens Bar Mock Trials at Nottingham Crown Court which was held last Saturday.

The competition takes place annually between students aged 15-18 and involves students advocating cases in front of a Judge in the courtroom across three rounds. Fifteen of our students took the roles of barristers, clerk, usher, witnesses and jurors. Despite this being the first time that Ken Stimpson has entered the competition the Judges who heard our cases in all three rounds, praised them for the way they had prepared their cases. Even though on the day there was outstanding questioning and cross - examination by our barristers and the excellent testimony of our witnesses, we did not make the final heat on this occasion. That said the students enjoyed it immensely, and have improved their analytical and public speaking skills. Proving that our Post 16 students continue to be exemplary ambassadors for the school and Peterborough.

We will shortly be looking for a new team of students to compete in next year’s trials. If you are interested then please get in touch.

Miss A Mayfield
Head of Faculty: Social Sciences

At KSCS, we have started the new term with a new team as well as introducing the worry box.

The worry box is a new way of helping students from Ken Stimpson School to express their worries and ask for some help. The worry box is a red box stationed next to the Wellbeing board outside the Student Support office in Block 1. If you are worried about something, write your worry or situation onto a slip of paper and put it in the worry box. The worry box is completely anonymous so no-one will know that it is you who wrote it.
Every week, the wellbeing ambassadors supported by Mrs Patman and Mrs Gregg will provide answers to your questions and the responses will be posted on the notice board next to the ‘Worry Box’.
Don’t be too frightened of writing down your worry. Remember – This is completely anonymous however if you are not wanting too, then you could just speak to someone who is in the Wellbeing team, we meet every Wednesday and Thursday during break 2 in the library.

S Javed
Year 8 Student

Comparative Dissection – From Squid to Rat
On 21 November a number of our Triple Science students from Y10 and 11 had the opportunity to attend a Comparative Dissection Workshop run by Imperial College London and hosted by The Peterborough School.

The morning begin with a talk ‘Comparative Dissection’ from Dr Annalisa Alexander, Imperial College London. 

The students had the opportunity to:

  • Delve into the inner workings of several different organisms through dissection including flowers, squid and rats
  • Investigate how these different organisms maintain the basic functions of life
  • Develop skills in dissection and using dissection equipment
  • Make slides of plant tissues
  • Work closely with staff from Imperial College London to determine how the common functions differ between specimens.


By the end of the workshop the students gained an insight into the importance of dissection as a tool in biology.  They were able to identify key organs and their function.  The squid was a bit of a challenge (and a bit whiffy!) as comparatively its biology is very different to the rat we compared it against.

Mr A Mantell
Head of Faculty: Science

Pixl Maths Apps
Students have now completed there PPEs in all subjects, the marks for all of the questions on the maths paper have been sent to Pixl who produce resources targeted to students' individual needs.

The resources will shortly be found on the Pixl maths app. All year 11 students and many other groups across the school have been introduced to the app using grade challenges. When challenges are completed the app will guide students to areas of weakness, extra questions can then be attempted, with PowerPoint's and videos easily accessible to help students understand the concepts.

Students have been provided with an exercise book to show all their workings in. This book should be with the students at home and in school so that teachers can then help students fix any misconceptions. Starting on the 10th of December there will be weekly prizes for students with the most usage points on the app. Please find attached a PowerPoint explaining in more detail how parents can help students use the app.

Click here for the Powerpoint

Any questions please email me l.donnelly [at]

Mr L Donnelly
Maths Department

Fundraising Events
Two weeks ago I delivered assemblies offering students the chance to involve themselves in various charity events.

This year there are two events, the 10 hours of sport and the Dorset Sponsored Walk. The 10hrs event is aimed at years 7,8 and 9 and the Dorset Walk at years 9-13.

10 hours of sport

The 10 Hours of Sport Event has become a huge success at a number of other secondary schools. This event alone has helped raise almost £15,000, contributing to The Malcolm Whales Foundation which has now raised £170,000 over the past 10 years.  The event is open to all students in KS3. It begins at 7am and ends at 5pm on Friday 14th December. Students who would like to take part will need to donate £20 and return their consent form ASAP.

The Dorset Walk

The Walk is the charity’s biggest fundraising event and raises significant amounts of money. Again, this is supported by a number of schools and organisations. Last year alone it raised £20,000. This is the second time the event has been offered at KSCS and we are really keen to increase the positive impact it had on the school, the students and the local community.

The cost is £85, this covers everything apart from a very limited amount of spending money. The transport, food and accommodation are all covered and organised through the school. To make things easier, the balance of £85 can be paid in instalments, as long as the £85 balance is cleared by the end of February (to guarantee a place, please complete the permission slip and return to the main reception)

Both events are limited in terms of numbers, places will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Letters have been given out in assemblies. If another letter is needed, they can be collected from the PE department or main reception.

The Malcolm Whales Foundation

The Malcolm Whales Foundation is a charity that has been set up to raise awareness and provide support for those suffering or recovering from cancer, especially in young people.  It works in partnership with a number other charities to offer support to young people in need. More information about these partnerships can be seen via the website or via social media.

The charity is always on the lookout for cancer related causes to support. If you think the charity may be able to assist in anyway, further info can be found via – twitter @Malcolmwhales, Facebook @TheMalcolmWhalesFoundation or via the website

Many thanks for your support.

Mr D Whales
Vice Principal


Success stays in the lead this week even with a small drop in attendance. Year 11's have been busy with the PPE exams this week.  This brings to mind how little time they have left to prepare.  It is so important that all students make the best use of lesson time.  Lets make that time count!

"30 years from now, it won't matter what shoes you wore.  How your hair looked, or the jeans you bought.What will matter is what you learned and how you used it"

Aspire: 94.84%; Excellence: 93.48%; Success: 93.94%; Integrity: 93.82%;

Mrs S Blackledge
Attendance Officer

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