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Ken Stimpson Community School - Newsletter 08/03/2019
KSCS Newsletter March 8th 2019
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Message from the Principal
What a week!

When I read of all the events that take place inside and out of school I realise how hard we work to provide a diverse and enriching experience to as many students as possible.
I wish to thank the staff for their contribution to making this happen. Equally, I felt very proud of the Eco group that went out on a bright but very windy Tuesday to collect a substantive amount of litter outside the front of the school.  We have a large amount of students that care about their community and I wish to acknowledge them for their ability to regularly contribute to this initiative. Who says young people are troublesome??
To Parents of Year 11 and Post16 students the countdown is only 40 days until the public examinations begin.  I thank those parents that attended the Parents Conference for Year11 on Wednesday evening.  We hope to share resources very soon for those that were not able to attend on how to help your son/daughter through their English/Maths and Science GCSE’s.

May I remind all Year 9 students, parents and carers that Year 9 Pathway forms have to be handed into tutors by Thursday 14/03/19. If a new form is required our school reception have spare copies for students to collect.

Best wishes


Bryan Erwin

Year 11 Science News
Thank you to the parents who attended the Y11 Core Subject Evening; your support and feedback has been much appreciated.

Following your comments, every student in Y11 will be reminded of their ActiveLearn login details so that they can complete their homework that is set weekly by Mr Mantell.

Students were also reminded of the Monday and Thursday after school Snack-size Science revision sessions, the Monday academic catch-up hour and Mr Walji's Friday afternoon extra lesson. All Y11s are welcome to all the sessions. Attendance to one day a week will really help to improve your final grade.

Try to keep your attention levels up in class and revise hard at home. A few months of pain is a lifetime of gain!

Mrs K Young

Year 11 Attitude to learning
On Tuesday Mr Hussain and I met with 14 Year 11 students who have consistently improved their attitude to learning in their GCSE lessons

Students were invited to choose as many items as they wanted from the canteen and coffee shop as a small token to say well done! Staff at Ken Stimpson would like to acknowledge their excellent efforts and wish them every success in their final 8 weeks of revision before their first public exam.

Well done to -


BONNER Brandon

SAWYER Bethany

GRIST Sophie

Mrs J Purdy
Extended Leadership Team

Eco Ambassadors
Councillor John Fox and his wife Judy, Mayor and Mayoress of Peterborough have kindly provided our Eco Ambassadors with new equipment for our 'giving back' to our Community Project.

This week and every Tuesday and Thursday our 20 Eco Ambassadors from years 7 - 9 and Mr Erwin are helping to keep Werrington, especially Foxcovert, a cleaner and safer environment by litter picking.  Ken Stimpson staff are extremely proud of our Eco Ambassadors who kindly give up their own time and take pride in their community and we would like to say a big thank you to them and also Councillor John and Judy Fox.

Liam Coleman
Brooke Biynon
Emily Barfield
Liberti Munday
Austeja Balcetya
Kelsey O'Sullivan
Maria Broyzna
Finlay Lambe
Olivia  Gee
Lillie ROse Goodrum
Amaris Wogan
Mason Stokes
Joseph Ranson
Joseph Middleton
Suart Booth
Roxanna Tansley

Mrs J Purdy
Extended Leadership Team

Staff Book Club
The Staff Book Club has now been running successfully on a monthly basis since we started the new school year in September.

The group has settled down to about seven in number; we meet outside of school and enjoy a lively evening of discussion (and sometimes food!).

For those not familiar with how Book Clubs work, we simply choose a book, give ourselves about a month to read it, then meet and share our thoughts. Not all the books have been a hit; by far the most popular choice so far has been 'The Sense of an Ending' by Julian Barnes.

Our next book is 'The Handmaid's Tale' by Margaret Atwood and we are meeting at The Packhorse in Northborough on Wednesday March 27 to talk about it.

Mr K Billson
English Teacher

Year 7 Football
This week saw the year 7’s return to match action against the City of Peterborough Academy (COPA)

The game started off with KSCS having most of the possession but failing to make any clear opportunities. Then as the first half moved on the boy’s started to create some chances with Harleigh Camfield creating problems for the COPA defence and Bobby Ponsford starting to control the midfield. Then 5 minutes before half time the deadlock was broken as there was a good move down the left between Finley and Bobby, with Finley putting a dangerous ball across the penalty area for Logan Carter, coming in at the back post to knock the ball past the COPA keeper to take a 1-0 lead. The score remained this until half time.

In the second half, with KSCS on the front foot, we were awarded a free kick outside the COPA box. Bobby Ponsford stepped up to take the free kick, an excellent strike, which dipped in front of the COPA keeper who passed it straight to the feet of Logan who then put it in the net for our second goal. Then the same man popped up again 5 minutes later to score his third and give us a 3-0 lead.

Some tactical changes by the management staff did not seem to disrupt the team too much as further goals from Finley Eze and Bobby Ponsford stretched the teams lead further. In the end the lads ran out 5-0 victors. The team are in action next week at home to Ormiston Bushfield Academy where they will look to carry on their unbeaten run.

Man of the Match: Logan Carter

Mr N Gray
PE Teacher

World Book Day
World Book Day is a time when we as the English Faculty at KSCS try to raise students’ awareness of the importance of reading and promote the benefits of reading for pleasure.

Following a very successful event over the last two years when all the students in years 7, 8 and 9 got a free book to take and read in their spare time, I approached Waterstones Peterborough to support us in making this possible to happen again. Thanks to their kindness and willingness to support young readers, as a school, we managed to get enough copies to give a free book to every student in year 7. All the students really enjoyed the event and appreciated the opportunity to choose something they would like to read.

All the other students have been given a £1 book token to exchange for the book of their choice at any bookshop participating in the event.

The English Faculty hopes they have a lot of fun reading the books provided and find reading to be one of their favourite past times.

Please encourage your child to show you their book and share the reading experience with them.

Mr J Charko
English Teacher

Year 7 Insight Group
A small group of Year 7’s have recently been selected to be part of the Insight group who work closely with Cambridge University and the school to provide academic and personal development opportunities.

As part of their first Insight experience, the students visited St. John’s College last week where they took part in a workshop with some Cambridge Ambassadors, before heading to the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology to complete an activity based on the artefacts they found. The students then met their mentors and were introduced to their first project: ‘All About Me’. This task involves producing a shoe box which represents them and their interests/hobbies… we look forward to seeing their final creations!

Miss S Kingston

GCSE Maths Newsletter
Two weeks of PPEs start on Monday, these are vital for students to have their final practice in exam conditions before the real thing.

For Maths, students should be revising SMART using their PLCs to specifically target their individual areas of weakness. This can be done using the multiple resources they have access to including packs that were given to them at the core subject evening. For students who were unable to attend this evening they will receive their packs in their English PPE exams on Monday.

Maths academic catch up continues to run on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday after school for all years. As well as all Maths staff taking revision sessions I am in 3U23 on each of these days primarily helping students with areas they are struggling with on the PiXL Maths app. 

One area that continues to frustrate me is the fact that students throw away silly marks due to either not having the right equipment or not knowing how to use it correctly. A cause of this issue for some is they do not bring the equipment to school with them every day to learn how to use it. If students do not have the correct equipment it can now be purchased using the school ParentPay system. Pencil cases with all essential equipment (pencil, ruler, rubber, sharpener, protractor and compass) are available for £3.00 and scientific calculators for £7.00 each.

Every week I continue to send out resources students can start using at home called the final countdown. This may seem premature but there are only 39 teaching days to the first summer exam and revising gradually is much more effective than last minute cramming. Using the countdown alongside the PiXL Maths app and other revision resources will really make the difference to closing the gap on areas students still have issues with. Please find attached week 3 of the 'new for 2019' extra questions students can do at home with the support of parents as mark schemes and examiners reports are also attached. These are now split into two types of questions, one designed for foundation students aiming for a grade 4 or 5 and the new one for higher tier students aiming for grades 6 to 9. Every week I will continue to attach five topics that regularly appear on examinations. Students can also use their individualised PLCs on the the PiXL Maths app to target areas of weakness, using the video tutorials and PowerPoints to help them better understand topics.

Revision guides are also available in school at cost price, saving you more than 50% on the rrp. There are 3 books at £2.50 each and an answer book for £1. Please see your class teacher, Miss Harvey, or Mr Donnelly if you have paid for them through Parent Pay. 

Part 3 Final Countdown Crossover -  Mark Scheme

Part 3 Final Countdown Crossover - Questions

Part 3 Final Countdown Higher - Mark Scheme

Part 3 Final Countdown Higher - Questions

Mr L Donnelly
Shared Head of Mathematics

World Book Day
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