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Science at KS3

The Science Faculty at Ken Stimpson School aims to provide a broad and balanced curriculum accessible to all pupils, regardless of ability, gender, race, culture or background.  We will endeavour to build on the primary curriculum in a continuous and progressive manner. 

We will provide specialist, well-resourced facilities that are both safe and stimulating for the pupils to develop their scientific knowledge, curiosity and enthusiasm through a practical investigation based curriculum.  This will test the pupils problem solving and investigative skills as well as helping to inform attitudes and opinions on current science discoveries and events.


The pupils will be encouraged to put knowledge and understanding of the application of Science in a social and ethical context and to make sound evaluations of evidence.  Other key skills such as numeracy and literacy will be developed through the Science curriculum.


Science at GCSE?

Science at GCSE level aims to develop students’ knowledge and understanding of scientific theories, but also their ability to apply that knowledge, analyse and evaluate information, in practical and everyday scenarios. It gives students good life skills, regardless of the future path they follow.

At the end of Year 11 students will finish their compulsory studies in science. These students will have gained valuable GCSEs in science, which are well respected by employers, who view good grades for GCSEs in science as an indication that a person has mastered a difficult discipline. A good proportion of students enjoy their sciences at GCSE so much that they go on to study science at A Level. This may lead them into a career straight from school but more likely could lead into a variety of university courses, either science or non-science based.

Routes through science

There will be a guided choice of two main routes to science GCSEs, either a two-GCSE Combined Science, or a three-GCSE separate science route (consisting of GCSE Biology, GCSE Chemistry and GCSE Physics). The majority of students will take the combined route.

Combined Science

This is a two-GCSE sized (double award) qualification covering the three science disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Students are awarded a grade based on their overall performance across these three disciplines.


Combined science students will sit six exams at the end of the course as shown below.

Mr Mantell
Head of Faculty
Mrs Young
KS 4 Co-ordinator
Topic - Year 7

The following topics will be taught on rotation:

  • Practical investigation skills
  • Biol 7.1 Cells and organisation
  • Biol 7.2 Nutrition & Skeleton
  • Chem 7.1 Particles
  • Chem 7.2 Chemicals and reactions
  • Phys 7.1 Electricity and magnetism
  • Phys 7.2 Forces and Space

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