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Art and Design


The Art and Design curriculum at Ken Stimpson Community School aims to engage students in a range of materials and techniques to develop exciting and imaginative outcomes. The dedicated team here encourage an inclusive, hard working and creative atmosphere for all students through the key stages. We believe that Art is such an important part of a student’s curriculum, as it encourages logical, creative and independent thinking skills that can only enhance their learning within other subjects.

Our key Stage Three projects are designed to teach basic core skills through a range of 2D and 3D topics. These skills become the building blocks for our exciting key stage 4 and 5 curriculum, where students can immerse themselves in a broader and more professional range of materials, techniques and processes. Students can attend regular trips to galleries, museums and other topical locations that are calendared throughout the year for each key stage, which enhance the students learning and encourage aspiration within the subject and beyond.

Art and Design students that have studied at Ken Stimpson Community School have often progressed into further education within the arts. Graphic Design, Textile and Surface Design, Fine Art, Fashion, Architecture, Education and Photography are just a few of the examples of courses students have chosen following their A Levels.

Mrs Bamber
Head of Faculty
Topic - “Inside/Out”

This project theme is spread over the whole year but is split into 3 sections: Drawing and Painting, Printmaking and Ceramics. Students explore and develop ideas in each of these categories by looking at relevant artists and using a wide range of 2D and 3D materials. This project is aimed to give all students an equal grounding of using Art materials across the board. The Final Outcomes are: A Landscape Painting, a block relief repeat print and a professional coloured wallpaper design for interior décor using PhotoShop, followed by a Clay Chimney Pot.


All projects assessment is split into 3 assessment categories; Record, Develop and Present. Each of these sections are marked using assessment slips by a teacher which are presented in the student’s sketchbook. In order to show the overall progress across a project each student uses an assessment progress sheet which will show how they are progressing their skills through a project. We often use pear and self-assessment to encourage critical thinking and dialogue between students and teachers.


Drawing. Artist research and analysis writing homework’s. Hundertwasser house and window sculpture.

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