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Design and Technology


Design and Technology (D&T) prepares students to take part in tomorrow’s rapidly changing technologies. Students will learn to use current technologies and practical techniques and consider the impact of future technological developments. We encourage students to think creatively and challenge themselves to design products that meet human needs. Pupils follow the National Curriculum programmes of study and the course is delivered through a vast array of different projects which involve Research, Design, Making and Evaluation. Through design and technology pupils will gain valuable skills and build their confidence in a variety of practical situations that can be used throughout their lives.
The department has a team of specialist teachers who deliver at Key Stage 3: Food Technology, Resistant Materials, Textiles Technology and Graphics; at Key Stage 4: GCSE Resistant Materials, BTEC Construction and GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition. Lessons are taught in well-equipped workshops with improved computer access for all students.
All teachers teach across the range of Key Stage 3 and 4 in a mixed ability setting. During Key Stage 3 students use a range of materials to design and make a variety of different products. At Key Stage 4 students follow the AQA syllabus of their chosen Design and Technology subject.

Studying Design and Technology can lead to a number of different careers.

Mr Satari
Head of Faculty
Mr Breen
Subject Leader: Resistant Materials/Construction
Mrs Cook
Teacher of Food
Topic - Resistant Materials - Marionette puppets

This project is designed to give an introduction to basic bench work skills working in wood, i.e. marking out, sawing, accuracy and best practice. Pupils will work individually to produce wooden marionette puppet inspired by an animal, creating an engaging and endearing first resistant materials project.

Topic - Food - Fruit and Vegetables

This is an introductory project to Food and Nutrition in Secondary school. It builds upon the skills students may have from primary, whilst introducing skills to those students who may have no experience. Health and safety in the food room is of utmost importance at this stage
Food Technology allows students to be creative while working as a group, being teacher led or working independently to design and make different products using fruits and vegetables.
The students also get to use the computer to research and develop presenting data skills.

Topic - Graphics - Google Sketch Up

Students work independently to produce a 3D design of a primary school. Students will conduct research of different designs of primary school buildings that are currently used. They then take their research to then come up with birds eye view designs of their own primary school. After choosing their favourite design, students now construct their 3D design of the school using CAD software called Google SketchUp. Students will use current skills of the software alongside new skills in order to make their designs look effective for if the school was being built. Once they have had the opportunity to design their buildings and furniture, students evaluate their designs against the user requirements and areas they would like to develop next time.

Topic - Textiles - Ugly Puppets

Students work independently to produce an ‘Ugly’ puppet. The students will research a variety of different puppet models that are currently on the market. They will use this research to develop designs of their own. Once they have finalised their designs, they will begin to make their favourite one. Students will have the option of hand sewing aswell as using one of the many sewing machines available. Once they have completed their puppet, they will carry out a thorough evaluation and decide how they could use the experience in their next Textiles Project.

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