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GCSE Dance

The Anthology Guide - is everything you need to know for Section C of the written paper.

You can watch the 6 anthology works at

Remember the 4 works for 2022 paper are -

  • Infra by Wayne McGregor
  • Artificial Things by Lucy Bennett
  • A Linha Curva by Itzik Galili
  • Emancipation of Expressionism by Kenrick H2O Sandy

The Section B Workbook - has great terminology and all the Physical, Expressive, Mental and Technical Skills you need to know and be able to use to describe in your own dance pieces, i.e. your Duo/Set Dance - SHIFT and your own choreographies.

AQA Terms and definitions will help you throughout the written paper!

  • Section A - Short questions on a given stimulus - on choreography, anatomy and performance
  • Section B - Short essay questions about your own work - 6 mark questions
  • Section C - Longer essays, compare and contrast on the 4 anthology works - costume, movement/style, Sound accompaniment, Lighting, Set Design, Use of Camera.

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