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Our Reading and Literacy Strategy

Reading and literacy unlocks the curriculum for students and provides a foundation for excellence in all subjects. Indeed, literacy is about people’s ability to function in society as private individuals, active citizens, employees or parents. Additionally it is about people’s self-esteem, their interaction with others, their health and employability. Ultimately whether a society is fit for the future.

Ken Stimpson offers a range of opportunities both inside and outside the classroom designed to enrich students’ reading and writing skills, vocabulary knowledge and oral communication. Our passionate and knowledgeable teachers are able to deliver challenging and engaging lessons, and nurture students towards success. A whole-school approach to reading and literacy is essential to support our students in developing keys skills which aims to increase their progress in all subjects.

The aims of our reading and literacy strategy are as follows:

  • To enable students to have skills to be able to achieve good GCSE grades including English and Maths;
  • To develop reading and literacy skills to allow all students to access the curriculum;
  • To ensure all students have good functional reading and literacy skills to enable them to access documents and literacy in the future;
  • To ensure additional support is provided for students with SEN, EAL or Pupil Premium as appropriate;
  • To instill a passion for reading, which students carry with them throughout their time with us and into the future;
  • For staff from all faculties to take responsibility for raising standards of reading and literacy across the school.

We implement this strategy in a number of ways including:

  • Reading tests and re-tests to establish levels and identify needed interventions.
  • Year 7 and 8 guided reading during tutor time twice a week.
  • Reading clubs for both staff and students.
  • Author visits.
  • Reading week activities.
  • Regular reading competitions.
  • Speaking and Listening Activity days.
  • Working with Primary schools for early intervention.
  • Distributing information via the website and newsletters for staff, students and parents.
  • Library access for years 7, 8 and 9 during social and tutor times via a rotation for quiet reading and library access.
  • Encouraging reading outside of the curriculum and discussion within lessons.

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