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Our internet still isn't zipping along as we'd like it to. We're ruled out that it's anything we're doing wrong, it's definitely something with our connection. Because of this our internet provider will take down our connection at around 2am in the morning (Tuesday night, Wednesday morning) to perform some tests. This means no remote access, email or Learning Platform. Things will be up again by about 5am.

I hope that you'll all be asleep and none of this will affect you. Spare a thought for the poor IT guys who don't get to sleep though...

You can now view this year's Summer Exams Timetable by following this link.  We don't envisage any changes being made to it but we will of course update you here if there are.

Good luck to all students taking exams this year.

On Wednesday 9th April between 9am and 6pm the internet provider for the Peterborough Schools Broadband Network will undertake some work that could affect schools' internet access.

Services which rely on our internet connection could be affected throughout the day: remote access; email; learning platform; web browsing at school.

Click here to see details of revision sessions running this Easter holiday for GCSE and Post 16 students.

Please note we have made some changes to the timetable to include additional subjects (Thursday 3 April)

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