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Huge thank you to #Principal & #leadership team @ks_school addressing #youth #violence issues @jagsfoundation #youth awareness assemblies
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KSCS Newsletter June 29th 2018
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Message from the Principal
Unfortunately over recent weeks we have been experiencing some anti-social behaviour at the end of the school day. Groups of young people have been arriving and hanging around the school gate and the local area.

At the end of the day the school staff are present both at the school gate and down at the Werrington Centre. We feel it important to work closely with our local community and to ensure our students conduct themselves appropriately as they leave the school site. 

The groups of young people that have been arriving, are not students at KSCS, so we have struggled to have an impact on their presence. I have however been in regular contact with the police to share our concerns and I am delighted with the support we have received. Over recent days formal dispersal orders have been put in place by the police, meaning these groups are no longer permitted to hang around outside of the school. The continued police presence at the end of the school day has been a welcomed partnership that we have warmly encouraged.  We are also in regular contact with our Safer School Police Officer to share any concerns regarding anti-social behaviour that these youths are causing out of school hours.

I wanted to take this opportunity to reassure you that we are taking every step to ensure that the young people at KSCS are supported and cared for throughout their time with us. If you  have any concerns please do make contact with your relevant Head of House.

Best wishes


Bryan Erwin

Rivers Project
Well done to students in 7A2 and 7B3 who have produced some excellent RIVERS projects.

As part of the 6 week homework project, students were to choose a section of the river, produce a model of it (including various landform's like waterfalls etc.) and then give a presentation to the class or teacher.

A special well done to McKenzie Britten and Safiyah Javed on an excellent Power Point presentation and also Jamie Double on his project. Jamie has made a rivers cake! Jamie has clearly put a lot of time and effort into his homework project and has created a very detailed birdseye view of the source of a river and made all of the features that you may expect to see at the source of a river.


The Humanities Department

Active in Health Workshop 27th June 2018
Mrs Patman and I took a small group of students over to Jack Hunt School where they met with Jade Windley, former pro-tennis player turned Sports Mentor, to take part in a workshop focusing on Mental Health & Wellbeing

The students took part in various activities to improve their confidence and teambuilding skills, as well as developing an understanding of how being active can have a positive impact on mental wellbeing. Jade encouraged the students to ‘work hard, believe and keep smiling,’ a quote which had a positive impact on the students.

Miss S Kingston
Business Admin Apprentice

City Athletics
On Thursday I had the pleasure of taking a number of year 9 & 10 students down to the Peterborough Athletics track. This is an annual event that allows Secondary School to compete against each other.

Highlights are as followed, as not all results are in; 

Year 10 Boys

Thomas Fox and Ryley Barfoot both qualifying for the final with Tom 3rd and Ryley 6th in the final

Tom Fox then getting gold medal in the 200m final

Year 10 relay team of Tom Fox, Ryley Barfoot, Jeamal Shenille Khan and Joshia Peters

Joshia Peters qualifying for the Hurdles Final

Jemal Shenille Khan and Lemar Moore scoring points in the long jump and triple jump

Year 10 Girls

Slawomirska twins, Klaudia and Dominika scoring points in the 300m final,  3rd and 5th respectively

Relay team of Millie George, Klaudia, Chantelle Aubrey and Natalie Stringer being the 6th fastest

Shantelle Daly scoring in the long jump final

Year 9 Boys

Ruben Harry gaining second place in the javelin

Diaz Yonga coming 6th in the 300m final and 4th in the long jump final

Year 9 girls

Chanel Brown and Kayleigh Pell qualifying for the 300m final with Chanel finishing 3rd

Jorja Matchwick finishing 3rd in the discus

Anais James finishing 4th in the shot putt

Mr Hughes

Year 7 Residential trip
On Wednesday, Year 7 students went for their annual residential trip at the Frontier Centre in Irthlingborough.

Once again, it was a successful trip and students were able to show many qualities outside of a school environment. Naturally the students were excited, and it showed in the opening day, though by the return journey, many were ready for their beds.

Students experienced high ropes, mountain biking, kayaking and other activities. During high ropes, students were given opportunities to scale heights, as well partake in speed trials. It also included a "leap of faith" which involved jumping off a square platform some 30ft in the air to a bar several metres away from the platform. It certainly took courage to climb the platform let alone jump. During the speed climb, students were entertained by a thrilling match off between Miss Curtis and Mr Corcoran, of which the latter won by a mere millisecond (though Miss Curtis is demanding VAR assistance!).

In mountain biking, students experienced a range of courses, mainly downhill, but also needed to realise that brakes have a purpose. Unfortunately there were several casualties, but these happened to be the trees as students simply forgot to brake or even turn before clattering into them. Once again students were treated to a competitive time trial, in which Mr Hughes smashed all current records.

Finally the kayaking involved numerous challenges on the water including the most important one, staying afloat!!

During "downtime" students experienced Mr Hughes and his amazing mind trick with cards, being able to identify the correct card through use of friendship questions - truly amazing! Miss Curtis was able to demonstrate that football isn't just for boys and quite clearly showed the boys that she is capable of a skill or two, and better than them. Mr Corcoran also assisted showing the moves of an athlete half his age. Due to everybody being physically active in playing sports it was often left to Miss Walker to demonstrate her knowledge of being an ace of two hundred or more ways of keeping kids entertained.

Students were given the mystery walk where at the end they played a massive game of hide and seek with the teachers. However, as a budding scientist I would naturally assume that everything that goes up, surely must come down. This theory was nearly disproved when Miss Curtis and Miss Walker found themselves stuck up a tree.

Personal highlights from Mr Hughes include seeing Paige Hebdon being simply awesome at the bridge of death, beating all challengers and sending them to a muddy grave. Seeing Oliver Bardon being amazing at the sports competition, wow! It was also a pleasure to see students like Leon Barrand and Finn Rutterford really excel in the mountain biking. My most memorable moment was seeing Zack Medson-Glover literally covered head to toe in mud. 

Highlights for Miss Curtis

First, my amazing sports group winning all of our cricket and rounders games on the first evening - it was particularly enjoyable destroying Mr Hughes's team, although he will vehemently deny this I'm sure. Shout out to Callum Hurdman whose fielding efforts were astounding and Dovile Kirkaite whose powerful batting technique scored us many rounders! 

Second, conquering my own fear of heights on the 'leap of faith' during high ropes with the help of students below shouting words of encouragement. It was amazing to see certain students fly up this obstacle and jump from great heights without a care in the world, even performing some dance moves at the top - fearless! 

Third, being distracted by Leon Barrand's efforts to tip the front of my kayak whilst unbeknownst to me, Enrico Lobozzo had sneakily crept up behind to gang up on the vulnerable teacher. Equally, I found great joy in getting payback on these students, particularly Finn Rutterford who managed to dunk me with such eagerness that my kayak and paddle went flying across the lake, leaving me stranded - thanks Finn! 

Finally, the quote of the trip has to be mentioned just to put Mr Hughes to shame... 'Miss Curtis is better than me and Mr Hughes put together [at football]' - Leon Barrand, 2018. 

What a fantastic trip, none of which would have been possible without the careful consideration and planning of Mr Hughes - a job well done! 

Highlights for Miss Walker

Getting to know our students outside the classroom was fantastic as so many of them have a range of skills and hobbies. Students were excellent at supporting each other to conquer their fears of heights, the water and to keep going when mountain biking uphill became a real struggle. The students were even able to persuade me to take on the leap of faith!

Highlights for me include watching students grow more confident during the activities as some were unable to remain upright in their kayaks during the first ten minutes but by the end of the session were confident at moving through the water with purpose. Similarly, those who initially wouldn't climb the ladders on the high ropes were soon keen to join in and give it a go and that was due to the outstanding supportive nature of our students. Lastly, hide and seek in the dark was a great way to prove to students that even adults need to use their problem solving skills and team work to the best of their ability when they've climbed so high up a tree they get stuck! 

Highlights for Mr Corcoran

Firstly getting to know a lot of year 7's that I had not yet had the opportunity to meet within the classroom.  And then getting to see the Year 7s I did know in a totally different context.  There were members of my form who were amazing at high ropes and quickly getting to the top and throwing themselves off the "Leap of Faith". Others really struggled with heights (like I do) but it was great seeing them setting themselves targets and trying to fight against their fear to achieve their target. Of course, I also achieved my target of beating Miss Curtis to the top of the ropes in the Gladiator Challenge!

Kayaking was my favourite activity and I was very impressed with how good our Year 7s were, and how quickly they learned.  They all had a lot of fun, especially when they were allowed to throw themselves off the kayak into the water at the end of the session.  Despite many fears, we spotted no leaches, crocodiles or sharks! 

An excellent trip with some brilliant students, organised really well by Mr Hughes and his team.

As mentioned, my three colleagues, Miss Curtis, Miss Walker and Mr Corcoran were simply amazing and built up an excellent rapport with the students. A special thanks should also go to Miss Jones who dealt with all the admin for this trip.

Residential trip staff

Attendance Stats

There has been no change in the house positions this week. Aspire still lead in first place, with the other houses close behind. This week year 11 have finished their exams but for the other years we are still busy in lessons. "Today is a good day to try" Quasimodo in the Hunchback of Notre Dame

Aspire: 94.84%; Excellence: 93.48%; Success: 93.94%; Integrity: 93.82%;

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