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Creative and Performing Arts

Creative and Performing Arts

What will I learn?

The Creative Arts sector is currently one of the most rapid areas of growth in the UK in terms of jobs and revenue. Millions of people visit the West End every year and, along with other theatres, records and TV/Film it adds constantly to the UK GDP figure. Where does that money go and ‘who gets what’? In the RSL Creative and Performing Arts course you will look at the broad range of the Performing Arts as well as the different areas of the Creative Industries, how they work and how they affect our leisure-time.

You will study key areas of the Creative and Performing Arts Industry such as Theatre, Dance and Music as well as Event Management, Artist Management and what influences the Arts you enjoy.  If you have a passion for any type of Performing Arts it can also lead you into further study or a career within the industry.

Further course content:

The RSL course is broken down into a number of units, each awarded a number of ‘Credits’. This further breaks down into ‘Core’ units (that have to be studied) and ‘Optional’ units. Evidence is gathered through practical tasks that are then evaluated through a number of different formats.

Level 3 (1 year ‘Extended Certificate’, 2 year ‘Subsidiary Diploma’ or ‘Diploma’ dependent on experience)

Over one year you will study for an Extended Certificate (equivalent to an AS) qualification requiring 3 modules as follows:-

  • Live Performance  (Core Unit)
  • Acting Workshops
  • Choreography

For those progressing to a Subsidiary Diploma (equivalent to an A Level) or Diploma (equivalent to 2 A Levels) you will study a further 3-5 modules over the two years working to your own strengths. These are taken from a list including:

  • Music Performance
  • Dance Technique
  • Musical Theatre Performance
  • Sound Engineering
  • Audition Techniques
  • Performance Preparation (Core Unit)

There are also other modules that are possible including those related to careers in the Technical Theatre, Industry, Music, Drama and Dance that may be possible to follow.

Please note : To qualify for the Diploma the CaPA course MUST be chosen in two boxes and will equate to TWO subject choices.

What can I do next?

With a RSL vocational qualification such as Creative and Performing Arts you will be able to apply for higher level Performing Arts-related courses at university or college (such as BA or BTEC Level 4/5) or, alternatively, it will give you the required skills to look into initial employment within the Creative Industry. It will also provide you with the National Occupational Standards relating to:

  • Community Arts
  • Cultural Venue Operations
  • Live Events and Promotion
  • Music Business (Record Labels)
  • Technical Theatre


 Level 3 Vocational
 1-2 Years
RSL Creative and Performing Arts Practitioner Level 3
Entry Requirements:
A Minimum of a 5 in one of the Performing Arts (or ICT for the technician route) or an equivalent such as BTEC/RSL level 2; plus an interest in the Creative and Performing Arts Sector

Ken Stimpson Community School
Staniland Way
PE4 6JT (Sat Nav users: PE4 6WR)