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Ken Stimpson Community School supports the view that students respond to positive encouragement and success, regardless of context or level. Students are encouraged to display the highest standards of work and behaviour in line with the school 'Expectations'. Every opportunity is taken to praise, to acknowledge and reward achievement. The formal recognition of achievement is made by awarding points to students through our Connect system.

Points will be issued on the Connect system for a variety of reasons from good work - positive contributions to school life. These positives will be emailed home to keep parents in the loop of the achievements of their child.

In addition to this:

  • Faculty postcards each half term for at least three students in each teaching group and tutor phone call home on a weekly basis for at least one student in the group for consistent effort and achievement. These are again logged onto the Connect system.
  • Prizes for Connect points each term for students gaining sufficient points are offered. Every point gained by a student not only counts towards their personal tally which they can redeem against a catalogue of rewards, but also, it counts towards their House points total.
  • Termly attendance draw for gift vouchers for all students gaining 100% attendance. Students will also be awarded with certificates of attendance ad points for 96-99% attendance during any one term.
  • Corridor / Plasma displays each term in faculties to celebrate excellent effort and achievement.
  • Meeting with Principal for the deserving students from each House (selected by the House Tutors and Head of House) to gain a Principal’s Award each term.
  • Governor’s termly award for a member of each year group for individual outstanding achievement.
  • Annual awards ceremony to celebrate achievements in all faculties.
  • House termly awards and a House celebration event/trip for the house with the most House points accrued over the academic year.
  • Student Leaders. Recognition of effort of wider school community participation in KS4 and KS5. Student Leader awards are to be presented in (upper school) presentation evening.

You can read more about our rewards and expectations in our Behaviour policy.

Last Reviewed: 
September, 2016


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