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Ken Stimpson Community School

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Pastoral Care

In Year 7 each student is placed in a tutor group containing approximately equal numbers of boys and girls of mixed ability. Students stay with the same tutor group and, as far as possible, the same tutor as they progress through the school.

Throughout Year 7 the group of students is led by Mr Treliving, Head of Transition. Student's will pass through the school as a member of a house. As part of our vertical tutoring structure their tutor group will comprise of students from Years 7 and 8, whilst they are in Lower School, then of students in Years 9 up to Post 16 whilst they are in Upper School. Each house has a Head of House, and these Heads of Houses and students' Form Tutors provide strong pastoral support and invariably act as guides, problem solvers, motivators and mentors!

Last Reviewed: 
September, 2016


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