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Homework and additional learning opportunities at KSCS

  • Homework is a core element for our students to become successful learners. To achieve this, we believe there must be a strong partnership between the school, home, and the student.
  • There are many proven methods for developing learning and progress. All of which require, time, effort, and deliberate practice.

 Homework will enable:

  • Practice and develop fluency in a particular subject.
  • Develop essential subject knowledge
  • Prepare for a particular type of study.

There are a variety of additional learning opportunities in a range of different formats including:

  1. Online provision and self-marking platforms like:
    • Hegarty Maths/MyMaths
    • Bedrock reading (English)
    • Seneca
    • Linguascope/Activeteach
  2. A number of faculties will provide tasks that develop background knowledge through extended projects.
    • These will be set to support deeper learning and depth of knowledge.
  3. Exam questions
    • This style of homework is most likely to be set for students in Key Stage 4 & 5.
  4. Pre-reading (flipped learning)
    • Faculties may set learning tasks that need to be completed prior to the teaching of a certain subject.
  5. Revision and exam preparation
    • At Key Stage 4&5 there is the expectation that students will create their own revision timetables in preparation for their exams. This revision should be regular, planned and targeted.
    • Unit 6 is an additional learning/revision session for year 11s. This is available every night after-school. It is an expectation that all year 11s attend this.
    • Half term and Easter provision – additional booster sessions will be organised during the school holidays to help support Year 11s ongoing study.
  6. Additionally, we encourage the use of other learning opportunities that would provide additional practice using platforms like:
  7. The type of homework and amount of homework will vary depending on the year group and the time of year.
  8. Afterschool clubs
    • There are additional learning opportunities after school for all year groups – these include sports clubs and other extra-curricular activities.
    • The extra-curricular clubs are optional clubs that anybody can join, students do not need to be invited and do not need to sign up.

Where can I find the Homework?

  • Homework is set on Class Charts.  This platform will enable you, as a parent, to see what work is set (Class Charts is a form of online homework planner).
  • Work may be shared with students through a range of different formats including: Online platforms, Microsoft Teams, email, paper copies etc. The homework should always be recorded on Class Charts by teaching staff, this should explain the format and requirements of the homework and links to where it can be found.
  • Regularity of work set – there is no blanket ‘amount of time’ that must be spent on homework. The expectations will vary depending on year group. In year 7 there will be a greater focus on reading and online platforms. In year 11 and P16 the emphasis will be on revision and exam style questions in preparation for their exams.

If there are barriers?

  • The school provides an after-school club to complete homework (Monday to Thursday, 3.15pm – 4.00pm). This facility is open to all students in all year groups.
  • The homework club provides access to computers, printing and internet access. It is supervised by a member of KSCS staff.

What are the consequences for not completing homework?

  • As previously stated, this additional learning should be completed regularly at home. We request that you check class charts and support your child with appropriate guidance and support to complete set tasks. Completing homework is about creating the habit that additional work is regularly completed at home.
  • We will communicate home with regular updates if we are concerned around the completion of home study or any other lack of progress.
  • We reserve the right to sanction in line with our behaviour policy any students that fail regularly to complete homework. These sanctions may include After-School Detentions.

What does the research tell us?

  • It is essential that students own their learning, they to take responsibility around what is required to succeed with their learning. This is referred to in education as meta-cognition. This has been proven to deliver significant gains in their learning and progress.
  • For many this is quite challenging and is something that is developed over time with modelled approaches and shared strategies.
  • Home learning should provide opportunities for students to take some ownership, become more fluent learners and provide opportunities for students to work beyond the in-school provision.

EEF Key Findings on Homework

  • Homework has a positive impact on average (+ 5 months), particularly with pupils in secondary schools.
  •  Some pupils may not have a quiet space for home learning – it is important for schools to consider how home learning can be supported (e.g. through providing homework clubs for pupils).
  • Homework that is linked to classroom work tends to be more effective. In particular, studies that included feedback on homework had higher impacts on learning.
  • It is important to make the purpose of homework clear to pupils (e.g. to increase a specific area of knowledge, or to develop fluency in a particular area).
Last Reviewed: 
February, 2022


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