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At KSCS, we firmly believe that language lessons should be stimulating, challenging and fun!

Videos, songs, games, drama workshops, poems, computer activities, French breakfasts, projects ……these are just some of the activities going on in our MFL classrooms. As well as learning the language, we encourage curiosity about French culture and how French speaking people live.

All students arriving at KSCS in Year 7 will study French, and some students later pick up Italian as a second language.  We encourage as many students as possible to study at least one language at GCSE level.


We aim to turn our students into confident communicators ready for the world of work or further education.  Languages are extremely beneficial in today’s global economy and can lead to a range of career opportunities, including but not limited to business management, sales and marketing, tourism, teaching and translation.

Miss Frith
Head of Faculty

Other Faculty Courses:

Topic - Autumn Term
  • Greetings
  • Numbers
  • Ages & birthdays
  • Family information
  • Colours
  • Present tense
  • Facts about France
Topic - Spring Term
  • Schoolbag items
  • School subjects
  • Time
  • Days of the week
  • Sports and hobbies
  • Places in town
  • Past tenses
Topic - Summer Term
  • Ordering drinks & snacks
  • Meals
  • Future tense
  • Weather
  • Where I live
  • House

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