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Options options optionsIf you are likely to achieve 6 A*-C grades (including at least a B grade in a subject you wish to continue) then you can choose from the A Level pathway. 

If you are likely to achieve 6 A*-C grades and prefer a more vocational pathway (studying more coursework-based courses) then you may wish to choose entirely from the Technical Baccalaureate (TechBacc) or other vocational courses.  The TechBacc is being introduced by the government to provide recognition to those students who go on to achieve:

    • a Level 3 ‘Tech Level’ qualification
    • either AS Maths or AS Core Maths
    • and the Extended Project Qualification 

For example, a student who completes BTEC Travel & Tourism, AS Core Maths and the EPQ who automatically qualify for the TechBacc.

It is possible to choose a combination of Level 3 courses combining A Levels and vocational courses, for example 3 AS levels plus a Level 3 BTEC or the TechBacc plus two AS Levels.  In some cases it may be possible to combine Level 2 and 3 courses but this is dependent on entry requirements. There are options available for study at The Voyager School. You may choose ONE subject from the Voyager options that is not available to study at KSCS. Please click here for The Voyager School blocking but also be aware this is currently a draft version and subject to change.

If you feel that you are likely to achieve grades in the region of C-E (minimum 3 Ds and 3 Es) and may not achieve GCSE English and/or Maths at the end of Year 11 then you should choose a Level 2 pathway.  Choose one option from Block 1, one from Block 2 and you have the opportunity to re-sit GCSE English and/or Maths in Block 3

When you've made your decisions you can click here to apply. In order to complete the application you will need to know your predicted grades (ask your teachers) & your prefered options. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.


Click here for the blocking sheet

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