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Post 16 Application

Post 16 SignTo apply to Ken Stimpson Post 16 Centre you need to complete the following application form. Before you complete it you must read the following instructions carefully.

You will need to indicate which courses you think you would like to study, however it is possible for you to make changes to these at a later date. If we do not get enough students applying to study some courses, then we may not be able to run them. If this is the case we will let you now before you depart on Year 11 study leave.

We have a wide range of courses at both Level 3 (A Level and BTEC Nationals) and Level 2 (GCSEs and BTEC First Certificates). In order to be accepted on Level 3 courses students will need to be predicted to achieve at least 6 GCSE passes at A* to C grades, including English & Mathematics at level 5 whilst also meeting individual subject requirements. The entry requirements for Level 2 courses are 3 Grades Ds and 3 Grade Es at GCSE level.

Choosing Level 3 courses (A Levels and BTEC Nationals)

If you are predicted to achieve the necessary grades to study at Level 3 you would normally choose 4 courses. Follow this link to the boxing system for Level 3 and choose one subject from each of at least 4 of the boxes. You can find out more about this subject by clicking the link on the boxing system.

Choosing Level 2 courses (GCSE and BTEC First Certificates)

If you are not likely to get the grades necessary to study at Level 3 you will need to follow this link to the boxing system for Level 2 courses. You need to pick one subject in each of at least 4 boxes.

What happens if the courses I want to study are in the same box?

Sometimes students cannot choose the subjects they want to study because of clashes within the subject choice boxes. We have listened to feedback from students and the blocking is now the model of best fit. Whilst we hope that all options can be met this is not always possible and if there is a clash students will need to make a choice from the subjects available

So now it's time to fill in the form.... 

Please give the name and contact details for someone we could contact to obtain an academic reference. This would usually be a Head of House/Year or a Form Tutor.

Please list the subjects you are currently studying.

Please list the qualifications you have already achieved

What courses/qualifications are you interested in studying in Post 16?  Please use the option blocking and subject flyer information to guide you.  You may choose one option from each box.  Normally students choose 4 courses at A Level or Level 3. All courses are subject to numbers and if we do not get sufficient interest in a subject we will not be able to run it.

If you were unable to choose the exact subjects that you wanted to study because they appear in the same box, or because you want to mix Level 2 and Level 3 courses please tell us about this in the box below. Let us know which subjects you want to study but were unable to choose.

Once you've filled in all the required information (and not that you need to answer every question that has a red * next to it), please click the Submit button below.

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