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About Us

Built for the future

Ken Stimpson Community School is a single site school which is endowed with superb facilities, some of which are shared with Werrington District Library and Werrington Sports & Recreation Centre. The school has access to sports facilities, multiple computer suites, drama studios, music classrooms and practice spaces, dance theatres and performance areas all of which would be less likely to be found in a more traditional school. In addition to our well equipped and resourced teaching blocks we also have a two-court, floodlit astroturf area and extensive playing fields. 

Ken Stimpson and the Community

Linking with the community is not just about the shared use of some buildings. We believe that education is a continuing process and that all ages and abilities should have access to appropriate learning opportunities. Ken Stimpson is a place not just for those involved in the compulsory element of education, but a place where everyone is welcome. It is possible, for example, for adults to take part in GCSE and Post 16 classes alongside daytime students. Opportunities exist for adults to use computers at the Library. The school is also adept at utilising the skills and knowledge in the local community to contribute to classroom presentations and discussions.

If you believe that you could benefit from links of this nature or you are able to contribute then please contact the school office for further details.

Ken Stimpson Leadership Team

The school is led by:

 Mr Bryan Erwin, Principal
 Mr Andy O'Neill, Acting Vice Principal

 Mrs Harinder Boughton, Assistant Principal
 Mr Amir Walji, Assistant Principal
 Mr Richard Corner, Assistant Principal

 Mr Tan Hussain, Assistant Principal
 Mrs Gina Martin, Assistant Principal

 Mrs Roz Mercuri-Butcher, Business Manager



Following the passage of the Education Act 2005, governing bodies are no longer required to hold an annual meeting for parents or produce a governors' annual report to parents. The report has been replaced by the school profile, which is designed for schools to communicate with parents about the school's progress, priorities and performance. Profiles are completed and published online.
You can view Ken Stimpson's school profile on Directgov by clicking here.

You can also view information managed by the Department for Education by clicking here.

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