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Careers education, information, advice and guidance

Ken Stimpson Community School is proud of the excellent quality and impartial careers education, information and advice we offer our students.  Careers education is incorporated within PHSE lessons in Years 7-11 where students use both traditional and on-line resources to enable self-development and investigation of careers and future educational choices. Throughout the school, collapsed curriculum days are used to supplement careers education during timetabled lessons. We have a specialist teaching area in the Library housing a comprehensive Careers Library, which contains up-to-date information on the world of work and further education.  

Ken Stimpson  Community School  is committed to delivering independent information, careers advice and guidance. This enables students to make informed and personally appropriate decisions regarding transition during their school career and beyond.  In particular, as part of a comprehensive Careers programme,  students in Years 8 to Post 16 have  in-school access  to an independent  Careers Adviser.  We are particularly fortunate that  this Adviser lives locally and thus is extremely well informed regarding local college courses, apprenticeships  and the local market in general.   

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