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At Ken Stimpson we believe that the arts are a response to our thirst for knowledge, insight and revelation. The arts give students opportunities to explore their feelings, come into contact with the spiritual, increase their knowledge, develop their skills and articulate and release their aspirations. They provide ways of knowing, representing, and a context for appreciation and valuing. The arts are intrinsic components of human culture, heritage and creativity. They mirror the whole repertoire of human experience and are worthy of study in their own right. The arts also motivate students to improve their attitudes to learning and school.

All the arts, Art & Design, Dance, Drama, Creative Writing, and Music contribute to the arts and can be seen a vehicles for communication as together, these form a language of their own which complement literacy, numeracy, and the sciences.

 At Ken Stimpson we aim to foster competence and confidence in each subject domain, providing students with opportunities for alternative ways of thinking. This is done through an arts based approach to the investigation of their environment, as well as ways to express their feeling, thoughts and discoveries about the world.

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